We are an atmospheric metal band from Slovakia that is known for the heavy riffs, atmospheric melodies, intense and energetic live performances.

Musically we take inspiration from many bands we adore as individuals and genres including doom metal, melodic death metal, progressive metal that results in a specific blend of moods and atmospheres.

Lyrically we focus on the individuals with their attitudes, beliefs and fears, reactions to difficult life situations and coping with everyday challenges.

The early years of our band can be traced back to the year 2004 to the hometown of Dunajská Streda, where a group of friends got together to show their appreciation for metal music not only by listening to it, but also playing it. After a long reflection on the band’s name, APRIL WEEDS was born. We derived the inspiration from names like MY DYING BRIDE, HEAVENWOOD, TRISTANIA, IN FLAMES, DIMMU BORGIR, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, a genre that was not typical for the area of our hometown, especially with a great use of keyboards. The music was not easy to categorize, it included favorite parts from each of the sources of inspiration, but there was one thing similar: the melody.

After a year of rehearsing and a few gigs played, we recorded our first demo in a home studio. Unfortunately, the years following the recording were very hard on the band. The constant line-up changes, loss of rehearsal space and bad luck forced us to separate. But the willpower and love for metal of several past members led to revival and after new members were recruited in 2010, APRIL WEEPS was formed.

In September 2012, we recorded the debut album “Outer Calm, Pain Within” in 999th Studio, released in February 2013 and consisting of 11 songs. The album was well received by fans of the genre and critics alike and we played several gigs to support the new album after its release, which ultimately led to larger gigs with bands like DRACONIAN, IN MOURNING, SATURNUS, NOVEMBRE, XANDRIA.

The desire to improve and hard work began to be rewarded when we were asked to participate in a tribute album for British giants PARADISE LOST with a cover of the song “Shine”, later in tribute album for another British giant MY DYING BRIDE with “She is the Dark” song, while also being chosen as the only support on EPICA Slovak gig called “The Slovakian Enigma”.

In April 2018, we released our second full-length album, “Comma”, consisting of 9 songs that was received even more positively in the metal public than the debut album recorded, produced and mastered in the mecca of czechoslovak metal underground – GM Recording Studio owned by “Prcek” from the legendary ADOR DORATH

The same year we did 2 supporting tours to promote the second album – one Slovak-Czech “Breaking the Sentence” tour and a South European tour which took 9 days and gave us the opportunity to play in cities like Sofia or Bucharest.

Shortly after, in 2019, strengthened by the positive feedback from album reviews and previous gigs, we tried our luck and entered the local Wacken Metal Battle competition. Out of 33 participants, we were the ones chosen to represent Slovakia in the finals taking place on Wacken Open Air 2019 and we got the opportunity to open the 30th year of this legendary festival.

Back home we started putting together for our third album. Suddenly the world was struck by the Covid-19 pandemic lasting for over 2 years and our composing and performing efforts came to a halt. It took more time than initially expected but in the end a new album was born – “Cataclastic” – an 8 track conceptual piece that brings together a geological and a psychological world into an audio-visual experience. The geological part depicts a unique gallery of rocks in different phases and forms in which a collection of phenomena from the inanimate nature comes to life by the power of ideas forged into words and feelings substantiated by music. As for the psychological part, the album is a testimony of the life of an individual. An individual born into a modern society that suppresses their needs, a society that is always hungry for more. An individual under the pressure of the expectation of the generation prior. Searching, struggling, succumbing, losing themselves, deadened as a stone. It is the rocks that are the agents and that borrow their character, soullessness, helplessness and, in the end, insignificance into the sphere of human existence. The album is a great milestone for us for several reasons. Firstly, we turned our composing process on its head and started with an idea, a concept and created the music afterwards. It is also the first time we took every part of the recording and art process into our own hands, so what you see and hear is authentically ours. The only exception to this is the mastering of the record, which was handled by the legendary Jens Bogren from Fascination Street Studios (KATATONIA, OPETH, DIMMU BORGIR…).